Honky-Tonk Dreams

1950s honky-tonk blues drinking cold
beers & smokin’ Camel straights from
my white t-shirt rolled-up sleeve with
Johnny, Patsy, Hank, Kitty, Eddy, from 
a flashing nickel corner jukebox beside 
the neon flashing Hamms dancing bears 
looking out into summer softness hoping
for adventure lost somewhere in south Texas.

Renegade days of pressed Levi jeans, slicked 
back hair, souped up loud sinister cars cruising
small town streets searching for a big bouffant 
hair, petticoat skirt, tight sweater, sweet girl for 
a kiss, a night of imagined hopeful love, a feel, 
shared warm beers on an old flannel blanket in
green pastures along lovers lane where cattle came
to silently watch the giggles and the unfulfilled
passion of clumsy youth not knowing where to go.

All those days of wonder gone to a factory job in
a smoky sad asphalt lost hope empty city filled 
with honky-tonk blues Friday payday beer drinking
smokin’ Camel straights from my blue shirt pocket.

Old love letters sealed with a kiss wrapped in pretty
pink ribbons somewhere in basement trash of lost
dreams fading into smokestack haze filled dirty
city streets far gone from green pasture nights.

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